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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  January 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! the the limo driver shot and killed in front of his girlfriend, and that raises philadelphia homicide rate to four killings in five days what police now know so far. >> i have been praying for him. i'm glad that he is up in heaven now. >> a family's biggest fear realized, body of shane montgomery was pulled from the the schuylkill river over the the weekend. now the community is banding together to support the family. what investigators are now
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waiting to hear about what caused his death. and, the the whole delaware valley is talking about that shot right there, what do you think about this? i think i just true threw up in my mouth. chris christie in the box with jerry jones again. look at that high five. this has people going crazy on facebook and twitter. and now his brother is firing back on facebook a against us eagles fans. what he is saying about us. it is not good. and get ready to pay more on the pennsylvania turnpike. it is first day back to work for many of you in the keystone state. so just how much more you can expect to pay, a at the tolls. this is a new "good day philadelphia" at 6:00 o'clock every morning now. >> good morning. >> more time with you guys. >> yes. >> how did we do it. >> you guys start at 4:00 o'clock every morning. >> yes. >> to know about the new tolls
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it depend where you get on the turnpike and exit. it is more like a percentage basis. if you use e-z pass you just roll right on through. you will get the bill in the mail. it will impact the the cash drivers today. you are used to handing 1.10 to the toll guy. that 1.10 could be a 1.20 and depend. >> it is blue monday, day where all of the two weeks vacation is over, bills have come in from christmas. >> yes. >> first machine of 2015. >> and we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. >> even better. >> it will be coldest air of the season this week. >> we have that to look forward to, folks. happy new year. it is 6:02. we will give you a six out of ten in weather by the numbers today. we will have sunshine returning and no rain anymore but much colder with very gusty wind out there. blustery day for plus stop buddy with a stocking cap at the bus stop this morning. just making sure those ears
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were nice and warm. we have winter coat, mittens too because it is much colder then it has been and it is a shock to the system when you have not been in school for a couple weeks. the here's satellite and radar to show snow out in the western part of the state. that is an indication of the cold air moving across the great lakes. none of that at the least not yet making its way in the area maybe a flurry or two in harrisburg but 42 degrees is our temperature. temps will go down. we don't expect anybody to be back in the 40's this afternoon probably averaging 39 degrees today with wind gusts to 35 miles an hour or more. 20 degrees overnight windy so it will feel colder then that and we will see increasing included as we get ready for a few snow flakes. we will tell you when they will arrive in a few moments. >> can you hear that? can you hear it? >> it is all the the parents cheering because it the is first day back to school. >> wow. >> get out of the house. >> load them up 36789 cheers to the bus driver: live look
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at i-95 southbound heavy from cottman to girard. we had an earlier vehicle fire down near walt whitman bridge. we will see jammos this morning. there is no doubt, that first day back after the holidays it is always crazy. plus, we will have all of the school buses with the kids back into the classroom today. so problems already for septa lansdale doylestown regional rail line services suspended between lansdale and doylestown stations. all because of overhead wires problem. westbound on the that schuylkill expressway, is there a disable out near girard avenue interchange right before the exit for girard and then into the the neighborhood we will go overnight accident in gladwynn youngsford roadblocked at rose glenn and huntington valley byberry roadblock because of the down wires at heaton road and water main break in west conshohocken has route 23 blocked right there in conshohocken. otherwise bridges look fine and in delays at the moment at the airport. mike and alex, back to you. good monday to you.
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6:05 on this monday morning fire forced several people to flee their homes, in fair hill. fire fighters responding to a call shortly after 11:00 in the 3,000 block of northerly street. there were no reports of any injuries but nine people have been displaced. search is on for those responsible in the shooting deaths of the driver for a car service. >> this is brutal, steve keeley live outside the round house, steve. >> reporter: as we come back from the holidays and pick up where we left off with crime news but here we go again in 2015. since limousine drivers are not set on longer drives by their cab companies they don't usually deal with much cash like say a cabdriver on short rides would picking up lots of fares and tips in the single shift but that thought and common sense likely never occur to the kill shore called the 24 year-old in miguel ramierez's limousine company for a car saturday night. after driving, three men across town to west philadelphia's 54th and delancey one of the three in the back seat pulled out a
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gun, demand cash and cell phone. he threatened to kill his fiance working with him saturday any in his new job just days before to support the couple's new born baby. police say ramierez was robbed of a little bit of money he had with his phone and still was shot in the back of the head, cowardly anyway, as the killers then ran away out of the car, alex, mike, the urn $20,000 reward put out by the city is out there hoping for a solid tip as this new year start with the sad story of a babe that i will never necessity the dad who did right who worked a weekend extra job out in the rain saturday to take care of her and killed by men who did wrong, and will do wrong again if they are not caught. hopefully somebody out there with a heart and with a good solid lead will call in that tip. >> what do you say three guys in the back seat? >> three guys in the back seat, one got out long before, dropped off at one other place and then the guy still in the back seat, waits until
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the end. >> steve, good to have you back. the new numbers for 2014, the crime, in philadelphia, came out over the weekend. violent crime way down, in 204. the lowest crime rate, for violent crimes especially since 1984. police fatal shootings down, 2014. there were four. 203 there were 11. that was great positive news up until this weekend. >> not the a good way to start the new year. happening today man accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in the poconos is due in court today. eric frein will have a priest limb nature i hearing, investigators say frein shot and killed state police corporal brian dickson and injured trooper alex douglass in an ambush last september. he was captured after a 48 day manhunt in the pike county district attorney has said he will seek the death penalty. don tollefson will head to trial today in bucks county, former philadelphia sportscaster is a accused of stealing 300 you this dollars
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from fans through various sports related charities. six two-year old withdrew a guilty plea last in and represents himself. he reas early as noon time today. is a beanies is a the story in manayunk. sabina. >> mike and alex, shane's family tells us that official cause of death, is still pending, and the tragic accident, let take a look. we're standing here long the banks of the schuylkill river just a few hundred yard from where divers discover shane's body behind the brew pub. the here's video taken just after the discovery of his body. his mom and aunt embracing his worse fears have been confirmed, it has been five weeks since shane has been
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missing, his family has been searching an searching every weekend morning, they have been here, along the banks of the schuylkill river watching as volunteer divers, with garden state under water recovery, search for his body. they found tonight about 4 feet have of water. afghan relentlessly, searching, they say better visibility helped them on saturday, just before noon time to make that discovery. shane left kildares irish pub early thanksgiving morning and, and few and far between. there are surveillance, and his keys at one point. now the whole city has been looking for him, they have never given up. they talked with the mummers parade on saturday and people were wearing glean, to symbolize their searching for shane. funeral arrangements have been scheduled for friday. family is asking for any donations to be made to the search team, garden state under water recovery, and made
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the discovery, guys. >> 6:09. well, it started with the facebook post, handful of people, reading it and this weekend thousands of people came out to support police officers of delaware county. how this rally
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drivers in pennsylvania, will spill a little more change in your pocket and as of midnight, all tolls went up on the pennsylvania turnpike. drivers will to have pay an extra 5 percent. higher rates apply to both e-z pass customers and those paying with cash. turnpike officials say increase will produce a short fall in state transportation funding. it will help pay for road reconstruction and plan to widen road from four lanes to six lanes. >> grab some extra change. 6:13. one of new york's finest is laid to rest over the weekend, but it is what some off the said outside that had people talking again, you know, they turned their back on the mayor again we will ta discover brookside and discover
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we have a big cold front coming n that is first cold air mass. another one by next week means that we will have the coldest air of the season so far rolling in by wednesday or thursday morning. here's the the future cast and then tomorrow morning around this time, we will get ready for our first snow flakes expect to go move in at seven or 8:00 o'clock in the morning. the light snow. just enough to put a coating on the ground and enough to make a mess through early part of the afternoon and then tapering off after 4:00 o'clock. and then that should be it as far as precipitation for the week but it won't be it for the the cold air about an inch or so of accumulation for the the first snow flakes, of 2015. so, lets get right to the five day forecast, because there is a lot going on here and it starts off, with today, and that afternoon temperature of 39 degrees. we have already had our high
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of 43 degrees and that happened around midnight, so temperatures continuing to drop, wind gusting to 35 miles an hour more snow showers early part of the day and high of only 30 high of 28 on wednesday, and after zero below zero wind chills on thursday morning, the coldest day of the season so far with a high of 23, thursday is the winner on that one and we will stay in the 30's on friday saturday an sunday. average high is 41. we are below average already, bob kelly starting with today. >> it sound like mother nature didn't have a good weekend coming back with a vengeance here. 6:17. first day back to work and school. so expect some jammos all around the board this morning as everyone tries to get back in the group. live look here in the jam on 422, eastbound between royersford in, towards collegeville and in toward king of prussia. we are dealing with wind. we have had a couple spots in the work zones where the construction signs have blown into the roadway like right
6:18 am
here i-95 southbound look out near girard avenue 202, watch out through construction from 401 up into the 30 bypass and transformer fire in upper dublin that has butler pike blocked near norristown road. we mentioned earlier about the toll hike on the pennsylvania turnpike. here's the deal. the it is only going to impact anyone who pays cash when you exit the turnpike. so, when you go to exit if you have e cease z pass you will sip right through and see increase on your bill at the end of the movement backup is going to come into play for the the cash users that get to the tolls, they go from point a to point b but it is always the same price every day, and then it will be another dime or quarter more and they have to dig for that extra change. you will see delays building at cash lanes, of the turnpike exit ram tops day and maybe next couple days until everybody gets used to the fare increase. southbound i-95 that delay into girard. so far so good on the
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schuylkill and blue route and septa's lansdale doylestown line services suspended from lansdale to doylestown line because of overhead wire problem. mike and alex back to you. 6:19 on this monday. here's a tough story. police in long beach california say a body of an infant found yesterday in san diego is that of a missing three week old baby. baby abduct from her long beach california home, following the shooting of her parents and her uncle. investigators say they found the baby's remains in the dumpster behind a strip mall in the san diego area cause of death is still unknown police say of course they are looking for a suspect and they do believe it is a male suspect. >> 6:19. trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev begins today in boston. the jury will be chose friend a pool of 1200 people. jury selection is expected to take several weeks because so many people were affect. we're talking about thousands of runners spectators and others personally affect by the bombing.
6:20 am
a tsarnaev pleaded not guilty for his role in the 2013 explosion that is killed three people and wounded more than 260. the search continues for flight 8501. it hads been a week since it went down off the coast of indonesia killing all 162 people on board. weather is a approved today and divers will try to search for victims and remnant of the jet liner. officials say five large objects, one believed to be the main body has been detect. 6:20. funeral services were held in brooklyn for fallen insuring police officer wenjian liu. >> thousands and thousands of police officers, there his widow. the grieving widow of officer liu held a picture of her husband as she spoke about the wonderful pennsylvania man that she was. liu and fellow officer rafael ramos were murdered while sitting in their patrol car two weeks ago in brooklyn. during services new york city mayor bill deblasio spoke again about the dangers the the police face every day.
6:21 am
officers in attendance, some outside turned their backs, certainly not majority but some did as they had at officer ramos funeral. commissioner bill brat ton spoke about the positive contributions of officer liu. >> officer liu believes in the possibility of making a safe world. all cops do. it is why we do what we do. >> as far of officer lui's heritage monks held a chinese ceremony to honor his ancestry. families of those two officers killed in insuring get a helping hand from people here in the delaware valley. how a facebook post set up by a few people got thousands to line the streets of delco. and... >> ♪ >> have you you ever heard of that guy on the right. he is a singer. he is on kanye west's new track? have of course, it is paul
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mccartney but a bunch of teens and 20 something's had never heard of him. we will explain after the wild card
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weekend but afc game looked more like bad football. lets go to indianapolis. the colts and cincinnati bengals. andrew luckies good but wasn't great yesterday. and this play by colts quarterback 36-yard to daunte monday cleve they win 26-ten over cincinnati. cowboys got the help of the officials. lets go to dallas. thank goodness for cowboys and the officials. that is stafford to golden tait that is 51-yard. would you believe detroit was up 14 to nothing. up by ten points in the second half, and this is a big play, third and one, eight minutes to go. that is pass interference. it was called that way. the the officials choked and pick up and said no. now it gives cowboys a chance to win. they do it 8-yard pass to terence williams. twenty-four-20. guess who is there, look at the guy in the red. fat albert, governor christie.
6:26 am
you better be paying your own expenses. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. they are all talking about that shot of governor christie and jerry jones. enough to make you sick. but get this, after a eagles fans all sort of pounding the governor and cowboys fans. >> yes, all over social media and twitter. >> governor christie's brother todd did not appreciate all of the hate. so he went on facebook and defended his brother to all of those non-cowboys fans who have their panties in a ringer because the governor of new jersey is a cowboys fan. get a life. the governor has been a cowboys fan his entire life and all of would you sit with the owner of your favorite team in a heartbeat if given the chance. i'm a giants fan he says. we're sitting home for fourth straight year. eagles fans possibly you should worry more about the fact that your sorry ass team
6:27 am
has never won a super bowl. and less about who is rooting for which team. i mean crazy pathetic post s. and for every caloriecally will challenge facebook person who posts about the governor's weight forget the magic mirror and look at yourself. weight posts, really. now, only thing i agree on that guy. we don't need to bring up that weight. >> takes it too far. >> it was interesting toe him in that box trying to dot high five. >> yes. >> no one is there. let me give you a hug. >> awkward moment. >> will he go to the green bay game. >> i say why not he has gone every where else. >> and that red orr range sweater must be a good luck charm because he wears it every week. >> by now it should be at least, i don't know why else he would keep wearing it. >> weigh in on what do you think about that governor of new jersey stick to go his guns though. i'm a cowboys fans. >> not a fair weather fan
6:28 am
still hanging in there. >> you know what the big problem is, the way they won the game. they lost detroit loss the the game because they only scored three points in the second half. >> it is their fault. >> i thought this was a rap. >> but then things turn. >> they win it and then get the shot. >> the the game. >> okay. it is positive monday. >> this morning we're remembering stewart scott yesterday morning we woke up to this news. how sad. what a great guy. he lost his battle with cancer over weekend. forty-nine years old. great family guy too. how he change sports broadcasting forever when he took the mike in the
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his girlfriend right there ini- the car with him. what police have in the investigation this morning. >> i wanted to cry tears of joy. it was a nation. >> what kind of an amazing rally, the rally started on facebook, only a handful of people, were part of it but it grew, and grew, into this event very thousands of people lining the the streets of delco. how they are helping families of officers who need it most. and, can use west collaborate was a legend on his new single, only one only some of his fans have no idea, who the ledgend is. >> what? wow. >> it is quite embarrassing the the tweets about paul mccartney. >> we have to run some of the tweets we saw over the weekend, not knowing who paul
6:32 am
mccartney is. good day, everybody. what sit january 5th. >> first monday of the new year good they call it, bm, blue monday, because the the bills have come due, sue. >> oh, yeah. >> back to work. >> back at the school. >> all of the christmas cookies are gone. >> yes. >> this is it. >> back to reality with bus stop buddy who was really bundled up at the bus stop today because the wind chill that are in the 20's and 30's this morning. that is what it feels like outside, that is what you dress for. weather by numbers is only a six out of ten. we don't have rain anymore but we don't have mild temperatures. we have a few snow flurries stretching in the in middle part of the state. cold air moving across the great lakes this morning. a lot colder then it has been in a little while and the the coldest air of the season on the way you can see cameras shaking here. outside. 42 degrees. it feels like 34 thanks to the 16 miles an hour sustain wind but we have had gusts as high as 40 miles an hour in some
6:33 am
spots this morning. sunrise at 7:23. eventually we will settle in at 39-degree daytime temperature today, we already had our high being in the 40's right now, 20 degrees over night and after tonight we will not get above freezing until about friday or saturday. so get ready for a blast of cold air and yes, a few snow flakes in the forecast as well. we will break that down for you coming up. good morning bob kelly. it sound like kid will use their nice warm jackets, scarves and maybe that sled tomorrow. live look at 42 freeway. we are seeing volume pop. first day back to work and school. we will have unusual jams over next couple days until dust settles and we will get back to our normal routine. forty-two, picking up volume toward philadelphia. we will go now to northbound lanes of i-95 disable in the cottman avenue construction zone. again, on that northbound side as you a go through route 73 for cottman avenue.
6:34 am
septa a having a rough go this morning. and, down wires, on the doylestown line. services suspended between lansdale and doylestown station. no eta when that will be fix. a transformer fire in upper dublin has butler pike blocked near norristown road and of course that toll hike that went into effect yesterday on the pennsylvania turnpike, if you have e-z pass it is a non-issue. you will go through e-z pass lanes and get the bill in the end of the month. however, if you use cash, be ready for that 1.10, 1.25 it is another owe 5 percent. we will see delays at the cash toll plaza as, as folks to have grab an extra dime or so, to meet the toll. otherwise, we are starting to see delays on both 422 and 202, and looking good, up and over the bridge, mike back over to you. >> bob, i will steel your thunder here. do some traffic here. camden county, new jersey road
6:35 am
is back opened after a car slammed into a pole there. it happened around 1:30 at old black horse pike and hill crest lane in blackwood. gloucester township. the car hit a utility pole and snapped it in half. only one car was involved. nobody was hurt. 6:35. police need your help to find a missing elderly man. thirty-eight year-old aaron snyder lives in the 1,000 block of grant avenue. he was last seen wearing a green jacket and blue jeans. if you have any information, call northeast detectives. and the search is on, this morning for whoever is responsible for shooting death of a driver in west philadelphia. >> yes, bloody weekend. steve keeley at the round house, steve? >> reporter: well, driving a taxi we know is dangerous. we have done stories on taxi drivers ago salted and killed. driving a limousine, it is not supposed to be as dangerous are, rarely robbed since those riding in one usually have to arc that ride ahead of time with the company often with the deposit a phone number to call back and then an address. we have not been told yet
6:36 am
whether 24 year-old miguel ramierez limo company gave detectives any solid leads on the three who got in the back of ramierez limo saturday night around dinner time and just past 7:00 had them drive them to west philadelphia and 54th and delancey in the rain pulled a gun and then threatened to start and kill ramierez fiance, who was with him at work in the the front seat. they didn't just take their cash and cell phones but they took ramierez's life too shooting him in the back of the head in the driver's seat and then they ran away killing a nice hard working young man for a little bit of money and a phone showing such little regard for human life. >> i believe this is so unfortunate for this community. this community has been a thriving middle class community for many years. most of the homeowners in this community have been here, 50 years or more. so from what i have heard and information that i have received was it was just a robbery and someone 24 years old loses his life for what
6:37 am
reason. >> well, alex mike miguel ramierez we have learn just took this new job because he needed extra money because he became a first time father who won't be able to do what he was out doing saturday night working hard to support his new young family. >> so disheartening because crime rate, numbers came out for 2014. lowest violent crime rate in 30 years and now this. what a bad weekend. good to have you back. 6:37. a massive show of support for police officers in delaware county. >> massive support for people lining the street. not to protest or march but to say thank you. one of the event organizers expressed her joy at seeing the big turnout. >> i wanted to cry tears of joy. it was amazing. just the support of the people going by you can hear the the horns. i am absolutely 100 percent amazed. >> now, i get guess this number is right. rally started out as a facebook post but some people say it the grew to 30,000
6:38 am
people showing their appreciation, proceed from the rally will go to the families of the two slain new york city police officers. wow. it started on facebook. that is cool. >> it is cool. 6:38. they are waiting for the results of the autopsy that could tell us exactly what happened to shane montgomery. >> the 21 year-old has been missing since thanksgiving, after he left a bar in manayunk. well sabina is on the story. where was his body found, was it close to that bar. >> reporter: just about a half mile up the road. we are standing along the banks of the schuylkill river are. just a few hundred yards away from where shane's body was found, behind manayunk brew pub. lets take a look at some video now. if you have been anywhere in the city in the past five weeks, you have seen shane's picture looking at a view from missing persons posters from manayunk to university city to south street and for so long there were few leads to go on and now, with the discovery of his body shane's family
6:39 am
believe this was a tragic accident. shane went missing early thanksgiving morning and last seen leaving kill bear's irish pub. volunteer divers with the garden state under water recovery unit found his body in 4 feet of water, again, just behind manayunk brew pub. his heart broken family says they did what they promised they brought shane home. parishioners at saint john the baptist where his family are members remembered shane and prayed for his family. >> i think that they have close another at least to know that they have him back. they know where he is now. it is sad but closure. >> it is unimaginable my sister, my brother-in-law, all of us, our hearts are a shattered. >> that is why we do this. we find family loved ones and bring them back to them. >> that was one of the divers who aided in the search and they did this just as they brought had shane home his
6:40 am
funeral is set for friday morning at saint john the baptist with the viewing the evening before, and that morning, as well, the family asking for any donations to go to friend of saint john the baptist or garden state under water recovery who relentlessly search for shane throughout these past five weeks. again me's office has yet the to publishly release cause of death, that is expect to happen today. we are told that toxicology tests are still being processed, guys. >> thank goodness, all right. >> 6:40. man accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in the poconos is due in court this morning. eric frein will have a preliminary hearing, investigators say he shot and killed state police corporal brian dickson and injured trooper alex douglass in an ambush, last september. it was a friday night. he was capture about 48 days later, the pike county district attorney says he will seek the death penalty.
6:41 am
and don tollefson will be in court this morning in bucks county. the former philadelphia sportscaster is accused of stealing more than $300,000 from fans through various sport related charities. he said he didn't do it. the six two-year old withdrew a guilty plea last month and now represents himself. he remains free on bail, don tollefson, of course a former employee here at fox. archbishop paglee a will not attend the mass. the president of the vatican pontiff california council of family had to postpone his mass, but mass and blessing will go on as plan. student from the native countries in a time capsule. that will be buried under the cornerstone of the new atrium. >> that is neat. >> all right. >> from a real housewife to a real inmate teresa guidice starts her prison sentence today but just because she's a celebrity does not mean she's getting special treatment. what teresa can expect behind bars. sue would know about this.
6:42 am
>> would she. >> wow. >> not yet, they have not caught me yet. i'm still manager to go getaway with things including a forecast, that you will not like at all. unless you love polar pl
6:43 am
6:44 am
there is a cold win blowing on this monday.
6:45 am
>> you know it is monday. >> shake, shake, shake. >> is there a prize in that shake, airport camera. >> what about this, a blue fin tuna sells at first auction of the year at tokyo's famous fish market. >> they just bring giant fish, throw it on the table and people start bidding. look the at the size of those fish. >> wow. >> owner of the japanese sushi restaurant chain, he has a bunch of them, bought one fish that weighed 400-pound. hundreds of tuna are sold every morning. wild place. popularity of tuna for sushi has depleted stocks globally. here's the deal, that one fish, sue serio cost $37,000. >> wow. >> one fish. >> then you have your sushi and then it is gone. >> that is a lot of sushi, that is probably a couple platters. >> yes. >> we said the word before we will say it again, polar plunge coming this week.
6:46 am
so a couple weather issues. we have cold air returning today and wind picking up and then tomorrow, snow showers in the morning, we will have around a inch of snow an inch or so of snow, as that is not a lot of snow. the problem is the timing. it will come during the morning rush hour, which we're not excited about that at all but that is tomorrow, today just getting used to air getting colder. then by wednesday and thursday the coldest air of the season with wind chills, thursday morning, below zero. so let's look at how much we expect when all is said and done. an inch or so, it is the timing of the snow that really isn't so great. here's 7:00 in the morning. it its moving from the baltimore washington area pretty fast moving system. we call this alberta clipper that is coming in from canada. so, between say 8:00 and maybe 2:00 in the afternoon is when we have got most of the snow, most of our big whooping inch of snow, falling.
6:47 am
the i had should be out by evening rush and that should be it. maybe a flurry with reenforcing cold air on wednesday but that is even less of a big tiehl on wednesday. the biggest deal will be getting used to these really cold temperatures. it is four # degrees in the city. temperatures will get down from here. thirty's elsewhere. the these wind 16 miles an hour in philadelphia but gusts as high as 31 miles an hour in reading, 35 miles an hour in mount pocono. really making it feel colder then it is. only getting colder after. that only 30 degrees for a high tomorrow. we don't get above freezing, again until maybe friday or saturday. if then. and then maybe not until sunday will we see temperatures above freezing. enjoy this balmy 42 degrees, bob kelly right the now. >> good morning everybody. 6:47. back to work and school. we are starting to see delays pop. we have not seen delays like this in the last couple weeks with the holidays. live look at 30 bypass and gang leaving downingtown, starting to see brake tap as
6:48 am
you work toward that king of prussia area live look here this is i-95 northbound disabled, in the cottman avenue work zone. we are bumper to bumper northbound from bridge street up in toward cottman avenue and then a live look at westbound schuylkill jammed solid from the boulevard out to belmont. we have not seen jams this early, since before the holidays, and down tree as a result of the rain and loosening that ground up here along smith bridge road at route 100. crash along montgomery avenue at schoolhouse lane. speaking of school the school buses are back with us this morning. keep that in mind especially in the neighborhood the little ones will be waiting the on the corn they are morning. lansdale doylestown line overhead power problems, they have had services suspended between lansdale and doylestown station, for first half of the morning. rest of mass transit looking good mike and alex, did you know. we knew he was sick for seven years fighting cancer but yesterday morning the news was still kind of shocking,
6:49 am
wasn't it. >> it really was. sports fans and athletes around the country are mourning loss of long time espn anchor stewart scott. >> stewart died yesterday after a seven year battle with cancer. he joined espn in 1993 and helped launch sister network espn two. he often networked iconic show called sports center, monday night football, he was every where. just last year stewart was a an ordinary with the jimmy v award for perseverance at the espy awards and gave a great speech. >> when you die it does not mean you lose to cancer. you beat cancer how you live while you live and in the manner in which you live. >> unaudible. >> oh, man it was just so emotional. stewart was 49 years old. he leaves behind those two teenage daughters, 119, 114.
6:50 am
he was great. as cool as other side of the pillow. >> yes. >> great man. coming up on 6:50. new jersey housewives teresa guidice heads to a new home this year if you want to call it a home. >> what does it look like, is what the decoration. >> there is bars there. >> bars. >> reality stars scheduled to be in her 15 month prison sent tones day. guidice will serve time for conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud charges. >> orange is new black or has she gone back to stripes. >> orange. >> beatles fans, you will flip, beatles fans all a another the world are not happy with some reaction over paul mccartney's collaboration with kanye west. >> you have to hear this. >> you have to hear this. kanye's new single only one, which is supposed to be a sweet song, released on
6:51 am
thursday, some of fans want to know who thinks paul mccartney dude. >> i just can't believe that. >> it appears a few thought he was a new comer to the business. >> my gosh. >> some found their confusion funny, other beatles fans were upset with the ignorance of some of these young twitter posters, and one guy said man i don't know who he is but you have really helped launch his career kanye congratulations. >> are you kidding me. >> yes. >> that song may end his career. >> don't say that. >> it is amazing because you don't know beatles paul mccartney. >> find out who thief these people are and take them to another land. >> transport them away from here. we don't want them here. >> send the heard as they say have them leave. lets talk about the keystone pipeline, there is not much to do with the keystone state who about having a a beer pipeline. >> i'll do i it. the city with so much traffic
6:52 am
from beer trucks they are setting up an underground system. >> wow, it looks like it is in
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54. >> that is a cool shot. i'm not used to seeing a darker shot of the poconos mountains. >> you have not been up this early in years not since your college days. >> whatever. my last station i was up this
6:55 am
early. >> you did mornings. >> we started 59:00 a.m. >> so quit your... >> wait now. >> you have heard of keystone pipeline where they will take oil down to the canada a to the gulf of mexico. >> new way to move beer around in one belgium city. >> underground to reduce traffic congestion on the streets caused by delivery trucks, beer will be transported through a pipeline. nearly 6,000 leaders of beer will travel nearly 2 miles from the company's brewery to its bottling plant so company officials say it is a steel people that will stand up against leaks and ill will legal tapping points. they don't want people going down there and tapping it. >> we go under the ground under the street. i have a sample of the pipe here. the it is high tech place i can, pe it is called. it will be drilled underground, starting from here in that direction, taking the corner. >> he said steel he says plastic. which sit. construction is set to start as soon as i get over there.
6:56 am
>> yes really. >> how about this colorado man heads to china in hopes of breaking the egg balancing world record. >> of course. >> brian spots says he has won many times and wants to take back his title by balancing a dozen eggs in less than 75 seconds. so spots headed to shanghai, where he will put his skills to the test. egg balances competition will take place this month. >> hey di camille can somebody bring meehan egg from the second floor. >> i don't think i could do it. >> not that way. >> seventy-five seconds. >> a dozen. i don't think i could do one. but you know what his girlfriend had to say about it. >> what? >> he doesn't have one. >> we have been told not to text and drive. don't talk on your cell phone what about shopping and driving. are you kidding me? this is a possibility. we will talk to our financial expert bit. lauren simonneti shopping ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 am
♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪
6:58 am
hey, how you doin'? it hurts. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. if you had chicken pox the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i wish that there was something i could do to help. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
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what i weekend the the year is off to a violate event start in philadelphia after such a great year last year. one of those killed a limo driver with his girlfriend sitting right next to him in the front seat what police now know. and get ready for this, we will see some frigid temperatures this week but that is not all that is in the forecast, sue serio standing by with when we could see some
7:00 am
snow this week. oh, play a love song for this will you. love to love you baby yeah isn't that sweet, chris christie and jerry jones celebrating, hugging, another cowboys win oh , yuck. a lot of people sick of the governor getting special treatment at these games. i don't know. but now his brother, yeah, his brother todd is firing back at eagles fans. what he said on facebook last night that might upset you eagles fans. kind of bothered me, well i'll show you the the post, it has been since taken down. >> after getting ready for this first monday of the new year getting ready for work, probably dreading the morning rush hour . how would you like to shop from the comfort of your car. the deals thaw can score behind the wheel. >> it sound ridiculous liz


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